What is Restock Alerts?

Restock Alerts is a service that monitors the inventory information of ANY product in most popular online retailers.

Why do I need Restock Alerts?

It is getting more difficult than ever to buy products, especially electronics, due to global supply chains instability. In some regions, people even struggle to find places to buy necessities of life, such as toilet paper.

Thus, Restock Alerts was created to help people get what they needed and help everyone get through this tough time.

What retailers are supported?

Restock Alerts supports most popular online retailers, such as Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Walmart, etc. We are planning to add even more in the near future.

How do I use Restock Alerts?

Restock Alerts only needs the web page's URL of the product you want to monitor. Once it detects the inventory information has changed to 'In Stock,' you will be instantly notified by push notifications, Email, and SMS.

Do I have to keep Restock Alerts running?

Although it is strongly recommended, you do not need to keep the application open. Restock Alerts can monitor your products and notify you wherever you are and whatever the time.